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Licensed handyman service, specialising in home improvement, repairs & installations for private, commercial & Srata

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ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE is a licensed home improvement service, operating in the Inner West, The Hills District, Sutherland Shire and the North Shore for over 6yrs. Fully insured, with public liability. Specialising in repairs, installations & home improvement to the internal and external of a home, commercial and strata. I supply and install materials; or work with what you purchase. Dependable, trusted, and reliable. Guaranteed job done right the first time! For more info, please visit our website, or to get a quote.


Q https://intlhandyman.com.au/faq/

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most frequently asked handyman questions.

Q How do I get a free quote?

Free quotes occur when you need the job done on the day and agree with INTL™ handyman service T&Cs.

It’s best to call if you think the job will take longer than one day, as the job will need to be assessed and formalised with a quote.

Speak to us today, if you like to provide frequent ongoing work!

Q Do you charge to provide quotes?

Preparing the quote so your project can be delivered on time and with minimal inconveniences and disruptions to your project requires an unrivalled evaluation.

To do this, any issues that may arise for your consideration gets taken into account.

Execution and planning with several scenarios within the scope of works is evaluated to prepare and finilise the quote.

This is why ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE charges for quotes and does not just show up to provide a free quote.

I understand other handypersons may, but our motto is built on the core foundation of integrity, honesty and transparency with no surprises in hidden fees.

Q How long does it take to recieve a quote?

Depending on the volume of work, your project can start immediately, provided I am not booked when you want it done.

It can take a week or longer to assess and anticipate the likelihood of inconveniences with any tasks combined when your project is on the larger side.

Q Do you take small jobs?

Small jobs are generally considered a one-off or the task completed in less than one or two hours.

I prefer to quote the job first to rule out any misunderstandings. We understand emergencies come up or you can’t wait?

If it is an emergency or you can’t wait, there is a minimum two or three-hour charge regardless if the job takes less than two or one hour to complete.

This is to cover spontaneous costs and travelling time, to and from your location and completing the job at short notice or in a constrained manner.

Q What services do you not provide?

I don’t do any work to electrical, landscaping, plumbing, roofing or structural reinforcement to the home/building.

I focus on specialising in
• Additions
• Custom-made
• Demolition
• Installations
• Modifications
• Renovations
• Repairs
• Removing items that require not damaging other building materials adjacent or near
• Restoration work
• Unusual requests

Q Can you provide an estimate over the phone / email?

ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE™ is built on the core foundation of integrity, honesty and transparency with no surprises in hidden fees.

To provide a ballpark figure on what it might cost is not a fixed price. An estimate is the service provider’s best guess of what the job costs. Based on skill and past experience.

Every job is different and requires catering to that particular client, their premises, needs and wants.

To make sure we don’t change the price halfway through or have a surprise in hidden fees unless there are additional costs beyond our control.

I only provide fixed prices and fixed hourly rates and do not engage in any guesswork.